7 Black Adam’s Secrets You Should Know About

Hi everybody, I hope you’re having a great day. In this post, I’m going to be covering black Adam. He made his very first appearance in Marvel Family Volume 1, Issue 1, in December of 1945, but his current version debuted in Justice League Volume 2, Issue number 10 in August of 2012.

Now Black Adam’s real name is Teth-Adam, and he stands, 6 feet 3 inches tall and weighs 250 pounds, having brown eyes and black hair.

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How Black Adam Got His Powers?

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Although the original version got his powers from the same elite beings that Billy Batson(Shazam) did, including King Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus Achilles, and Mercury.

The current version that I’m covering eventually got his powers from The Six Egyptian gods of ShuHeru, AmonZehuti, Aton, and Mehen.

This means that although Adam typically stays in his super-powered form on the rare occasion he does say the names Shazam, he does not draw his power from the Wizard.

What Are Powers and Abilities Of Black Adam?

Black Adam Origin
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Now Black Adam’s powers include Vast Superhuman Strength, speed, endurance, durability, near invulnerability, virtual immortality, the ability to fly, high-level magical abilities, enhanced senses and intellect, teleportation, the ability to heal himself, and others, as well as having an indomitable will.

Black Adam is also considered to be one of the best hand-to-hand combatants in the world, even without his powers. Including having hundreds of years to actually use his powers in combat.

It’s also noted that Black Adam has the unique ability to go into a Berserker Rage type of state, which seems to magnify his strength and abilities multiple times over.

This gave him the ability to single-handedly walk through multiple teams of superheroes simultaneously. And to be honest, the upper limits of his abilities have never been truly shown.

What Are The Weaknesses of Black Adam?

The only true weaknesses that have been identified in him are his acceptability to multiple high-level magic users, working in concert against him, and being caught off guard by the few rare individuals that are resistant to or outright immune to magical powers.

One example of this being the ultimate evil version of Superman from Earth-3 known as UltraMan.

Is Black Adam a hero or villain?

Now, originally Black Adam was an outright pure evil villain, but his more current incarnation has been shown to be a more nuanced and almost antihero type of figure.

He can be extremely brutal and ruthless dealing harshly with all forms of oppression that stand in the way of what he considers his own dark justice, but he’s been shown to not be a complete lunatic.

Where Black Adam Came From?

Now before he gained his powers, Teth-Adam(Black Adam) actually lived as a slave under a barbarian ruler in the nation of Kahndaq, which is in the Egyptian region.

He and the rest of his family, including a nephew named Amman, lived a harsh life under the tyrant named Ibac the first.

One day Adam escaped, and he subdued his nephew’s slave masters and helped him break free. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to save the young man’s father or mother, who was actually Adam’s sister.

While they were escaping Adam was mortally wounded, and although he told his nephew to leave them behind and save himself.

The young man refused to leave them saying they would escape together, and just as they were about to be killed, Teth-Adam and Amman were taken away by mystical forces to the Rock of Eternity.

They were the Council of Eternity, he told the young man that he was worthy to be their champion of magic and Amman accepted, with the only condition that they save his dying uncle who was in critical condition.

They were then both imbued with the power to speak the magic words Shazam and teleported back to Kahndaq.

Although these powers healed Teth-Adams’s physical injuries, they didn’t heal his mind in resentfulness. His anger towards Ibac in his mind only made him plot revenge against them.

But his nephew chose a path of Peace.

Unfortunately one day this led to his uncle pre-empting the magic lightning when they both spoke the word Shazam, taking his and his nephew’s share of the power and snapping Amman’s neck.

Now as black Adam he went on to lay ways to all of Ibec’s armies. eventually cursing, Ibec himself with one word permanently turning him into stone.

Why Black Adam Was Locked For 5000 Years?

black adam prisoned for 5000
DC universe

The following year showed black Adam being a powerful protector of Kahndaq. Becoming a Pharaoh over the land and destroying anyone who invaded or threatened his people.

He then hatched a plan to capture the seven sins, in a bid to destroy the Earth and rebuild it as he saw fit.

Around this time is when the Council of Eternity, noticed his betrayal, they engaged in an epic battle with them, and he actually destroyed almost all of them until this Shazam Wizard luckily managed to subdue him and lock him away for nearly 5000 years.

How Black Adam Got Revived?

He was later revived in the modern-day by Dr. Sivana and after taking a little time to adjust to the modern world and learn the languages, he quickly begins concentrating on his plan for the Seven-Sins again.

Also discovering that there’s a new champion of magic named Billy Batson aka Shazam. Of course, he wants his power as well.

Black Adam goes on to be bad yet good at times, of course being brutal and having his own plans of dark justice.

But yet, always having love for his homeland of Kahndaq, and at times stepping up to battle those he feels are oppressors, such as the crime syndicate.


Either way, he’s a very powerful and intriguing member of the DC Universe, and due to his powers and abilities, and his influence on DC Comics, from my one to 10 rating, I’ll give Black Adam a rating of 10, which is a legendary rating.

I hope everyone enjoyed this post, I’ll talk to you next time, Be sure to update your comments below.

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