Marvel’s Loki Series | 6 Hidden Details You might have missed

Every movie lover eagerly waits for MCU Movies, but now a TV show of Marvel is coming for which everyone is very excited. The trailer of the Loki Series has arrived, which is very amazing. In this Loki Series, we will get to see many adventures of The God of Mischief: Loki.

Loki Series Poster
Marvel Studios

Watch Trailer of Loki Series

Loki Series: Marvel Studios

Is Loki Alive After End Game?

This is confirmed at the beginning of the trailer that in this Loki Series we will see that Loki whom we saw in Avengers: End Game.

In the Avengers: End Game, when Ironman and Antman went to pick up the Tesseract Cube in 2012, there was a mess, and at that time Loki stole the Tesseract Cube and gets teleported from there.

In the past, if any Infinity stone is removed from the original location, then it becomes an alternate timeline. And by stealing the Tesseract Cube by Loki, a new timeline has been created, which even Captain America could not fix. This series is based on Loki of that timeline.

So in the trailer, we can see that Loki lands in the desert after teleporting from the Tesseract cube. And the first thing to note here is that at this time Loki does not have a Tesseract cube.

This could mean that Loki dropped the Tesseract cube somewhere along the way or he has hidden it somewhere with his magic.

Here Loki is confronted by some people, who by looking at their get-up, seem that they are the people of Magnolia country.

But it may be some other planet where the tradition is like Magnolia. Loki felt that he would be freed from the hands of the Avengers, but this did not happen. Loki is now in the grip of TVA.

Who are these TVA people? Why they are after Loki?

TVA stands for Time Variance Authority. This is an organization that monitors the entire multiverse.

If someone tampers more with space and time, then TVA people catch them. Along with this, they also work to erase those timelines which become a threat to the universe.

Due to Loki, an alternate timeline has already been created and TVA people also know very well that Loki is very dangerous. And leaving it open with a space stone is very dangerous. That is why he has been arrested.

Loki Series Inhibitor
Marvel Studios

As we can see in the above image, Loki has an Inhibitor collar on his neck, so that he cannot use his powers and run away from there.

TVA people neither want to kill Loki nor want to keep him imprisoned. Rather, they want to get him to do some of their work.

TVA has to solve many issues of the entire multiverse, and most of the people working there are artificial clones.

Those who do not have much IQ level whereas Loki is God of Mischief who is very clever. Perhaps that’s why TVA has hired Loki, and now Loki is going on missions with them.

Here we can see Loki on many different planets.

Is Black Widow Movie Connected With Loki Series?

Loki Series Black Widow
Marvel Studios

This purple planet looks exactly like the Vormir Planet and on this planet, we can see a girl who looks like the Black Widow.

The last time we saw Black Widow in the End Game where she died on the Vormir Planet. Perhaps this is an alternate timeline where the Black Widow survived on the Vormir.

After this, Loki is also seen on an Alternate New York, which has been completely ruined.

Is Loki the DB Cooper?

Loki Series DB Cooper
Loki Series

And the most interesting is this scene, where Loki is hijacking a plane. This scene looks to be inspired by the story of DB Cooper.

In 1971, a man named DB Cooper hijacked a plane and looted $200,000. The man had disappeared after jumping from the plane, and the police could not find him till date.

Loki is dressed up exactly like DB Cooper in this scene. Where he hijacks the plane and jumps down and teleports with the help of Bifrost.

Maybe through this scene, Marvel wants to show us that Loki was the real DB Cooper. And because he had disappeared from the sky, that’s why he was not known till date.

Who is the Villain of The Loki Series?

Loki Series Main Villain
Marvel Studios

In some scenes of the trailer of Loki Series, we see a masked man who is interfering in all the TVA’s operations.

This man is probably the villain of this series. According to some rumors, this man is the different Loki of an alternate timeline, who is very bad.

And perhaps to stop this another Loki, TVA followers have kept the Loki of 2012 with them. Just because only Loki can defeat Loki.

Vote Loki in Loki Series
Marvel Comics

There is a very interesting scene at the end of the trailer, where Loki and his companions have a badge of Loki’s name.

This scene is inspired by the Vote Loki comics which came in 2016. In which Loki stands in the election to become the President of the USA. Loki’s get-up here looks exactly like the comics.

But here he is standing in which election, we cannot tell right now. But the amazing thing is that due to Loki’s antics, his companions have also turned against him.

Loki Series Release Date, Cast & Crew

Marvel and Disney+ has confirmed that the Loki Series will be released on 11 June 2021 on Disney Plus Hotstar Premium.

The sure thing we know at the moment is that this series will have 4 episodes, written by Rick and Morty season 4 writer Michael Waldron.

If you have not seen Rick and Morty, then let me tell you that this show is awesome. And if the writer of this show has written the Loki Series, then you understand that a lot is going to happen in this series.

Apart from all this, we are also going to see Owen Wilson in this series. Who is playing the role of a TVA agent.

In this Loki Series, we will also see multiple avatars of Loki. Where Sophia Di Martino will play the female version of Loki.

It is also being said that in this series we will also see Kid Loki, and the rumours are that Kid Loki will join the team of Young Avengers in future.

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