Top 10 Shang Chi Facts You Should Know

We’re counting down the Top 10 Shang Chi Facts You Should Know before watching the upcoming movie Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.

ShangChi and the Legend of the Ten Rings trailer is upon us, and it is action-packed. There is so much going on there. I do not even know where to start.

So we figured it might be best to help you get up to speed with a facts list where we fill you in on some of the important relationships Shang-Chi’s life, his family, his origins, and just who is Shang Chi and what makes him so powerful and so awesome?

We aim to answer some of these questions and more as we come down the top 10 Shang Chi facts, you should know and give you some insight on this character.

let’s get into it.

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings | Official Teaser

Marvel Studios

Marvel Studios’ Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings | Official Trailer


Villain Of Shang Chi: FIN FANG FOOM

In the list of Top 10 Shang Chi Facts FIN FANG FOOM comes at number 10. FIN FANG FOOM is a villain, or perhaps an ally who, we believe will be appearing in the film based on a merge link from Funko that gives us a first look at a dragon character referred to only as The Great Protector.

FIN FANG FOOM doesn’t have a strong connection to Shang Chi in the comics, but in the film, he might have a strong connection to Shang Chi’s family, with him being presented as the son of the Mandarin in the film.

The mandarin access to all the 10 rings, in the comics from Finn Fang Foom who is later revealed is an alien plotting to invade Earth.

In the comics Fin Fang Foom has been both a reluctant friend and foe to the heroes throughout his history.

We’re just hoping that if he does appear in the Shang Chi film that he sports his iconic purple briefs, that he was likely made to wear by the Comics Code Authority, back in the day,I’m just assuming.

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Shang Chi’s Colouring

In the list of Top 10 Shang Chi Facts, his colouring comes at number 9. While there are so many great things to talk about with Shang Chi, there are also some problematic points that we have to acknowledge from his past.

One of the really problematic things, when we talk about comic book history, is just that the history, the stuff that came before.

Comics have been around since the 1930s and as such when we look back there are a lot of characterizations and designs that are just well, stereotypical, outdated, and not only that but racist as well.

Shang Chi’s coloring is one of those historical and original elements of his character that was just that racist, which is also one of the reasons there were a lot of conflicting emotions when Shang Chi was announced as one of the next Marvel Heroes.

People were obviously excited for representation, but nervous because of Shang Chi original appearance, and to some extent his characterization. Fortunately the comics have come a long way since his first appearance in the 70s and have gotten rid of Shang Chi yellow or golden skin coloring since then.

But while celebrating the character and how far we’ve come with representation, it’s always very important to look back, so that we can learn from our mistakes, be more diligent moving forwards, as we continue to work towards promoting equality, diversity, and inclusion, both in the comics and in the MCU.

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SIMU LIU Is Playing the Role Of Shang Chi

In the list of Top 10 Shang Chi Facts Simu Liu comes at number 8. In the film, Shang Chi will be played by Toronto-based and LA-based Canadian actor Simu Liu. Yay, you know, that I am excited about this.

Simu Liu rose to fame after his appearance on the television show KIM’s Convenience, and in case you are a fan and were wondering, there is actually a real KIM’s Convenience that is used for exterior shots.

The name was changed from Mimi Variety and just for this purpose. Mimi Variety is a Convenience store that has been around for 30 years prior to the show, and is located downtown on Queen east, and is now officially renamed Kim’s Convenience. Pretty cool stuff.

Simu Liu is not only a talented actor but also was trained in martial arts himself, and from the portions of the fights that we saw from the trailer, his experience already shines through.

Simu Liu has also been on Marvel since 2014 about wanting to see more representation in their film franchise.

He actually tweeted them back in 2014, “Hey Marvel great job with Captain America and Thor. Now how about an Asian American hero?”

Simu Liu Twitter

And by 2019 He was actually amazed to find himself cast as such in the role of Shang Chi for this upcoming film.

I seriously cannot wait to see his performance.

Shang Chi’s Brothers

Top 10 Shang Chi Facts
Marvel Comics

In the list of Top 10 Shang Chi Facts, his brothers come at number 7. Shang Chi’s brothers have a lot of siblings, or well, at least half-siblings. In total, he has four sisters and four brothers, most of them only share the same father and one of whom is adopted.

Moving Shadow is one of his half-brothers sharing the same father. Moving shadow was raised to be his father’s heir after Shang Chi left.

Their father hoped he would replacing Shang Chi and Moving Shadow was actually sent to assassinate his half brother, but failed and was punished by their father who killed them.

You’re gonna see a pattern following this one that’s coming up here by the way.

Brother Staff is another half-brother who is sent to and raised in the house of the deadly Staff in London, England, there’s like a whole story featuring him and other siblings were raised, similarly, in the 2020 Shang Chi limited Series, check it.

Takeshi is another one of those siblings raised to become brother Sabre at the House of The Deadly Saber in Japan.

And finally, there is M’Nai, who is kind of like Thanos’s Gamora, and now he’s the only one to survive an attack orchestrated by Shang Chi’s father and was adopted by him and raised alongside Shang Chi.

The two became best friends and after Shang Chi left, M’Nai, also known by the Moniker Midnight’s son, was sent to find him.

Shang Chi’s Sisters

In the list of Top 10 Shang Chi Facts, his Sisters comes at number 6. There is sister Hammer Zheng Xi Hao, his younger sister who shares the same mother and father.

Sister Hammer got her name from growing up in The House of The Deadly Hammer in Russia after she was sent away while Shang Chi was led to believe that she’d been executed as punishment for going into their father’s a secret lab with him.

There is Zenbao initially introduced as Fa Lo Sui, sometimes known as Cursed Lotus and who is his half sister.

And his other half sisters Quai Far and Sister Dagger.

Sister Dagger, like Sister Hammer, was sent away and grew up in The House of The Deadly Dagger in France.

Shang Chi’s Father

In the list of Top 10 Shang Chi Facts, his Father comes at number 5. In the comics, Shang Chi’s father is none other than villain Zhang Zhu, originally known as Dr. Fu Manchu.

Top 10 Shang Chi Facts his Father
Marvel Comics

The problem with Dr. Fu Manchu is that he is very much considered a racist stereotype and so because of this when Shang Chi’s film was first announced, there was kind of a public outcry about that.

People were concerned and not even as much concerned about Shang Chi who, as we talked about earlier also kind of has problems, but about his ties to Dr. Fu Manchu.

The MCU attempted to reassure people, this would be a modernized retelling of the story, and now the MCU version of the character is no longer the sign of villain Dr. Fu Manchu,

but he is still the son of a prominent Marvel villain, The Real Mandarin.

Finally, we’re getting a real Mandarin, and even better Shang Chi will be the one in line to take over his legacy.

Of course, it seems like there will be conflict over this issue between father and son, once Shang Chi learns more about the world and his father’s place in it.

Shang Chi’s Mother

In the list of Top 10 Shang Chi Facts, his Mother comes at number 4. Well we know a lot about both versions of his father, we don’t know as much about his mother.

But I find that some of the mystery of her story pretty interesting and I’m intrigued to see if his mother will be more flushed-out in the movie and play more of an active role perhaps in the story.

Initially, in the comics, his mother is an American woman who shares that she was chosen over all others in the world to become Fu Manchu‘s baby Mama and possibly his bride.

That part’s never really clarified, although she admits she knew how evil her concert was and could never come to love him, there definitely seems to have been some kind of attraction there. And she ultimately did it so that her children would become kings.

This unnamed mother had two children by Fu Manchu, a son Shang chi and a daughter who currently goes by the alias Sister Hammer, who we talked about earlier, and who was introduced in the 2020 Shang Chi limited series.

It’ll be interesting to see how the character of Shang Chi’s mother is integrated into the movie If she appears in the film at all.

Although I definitely think she’s going to appear. We saw like a little what looks like a little frying to her in the trailer and I think she’s going to be a key part in some way.

Although obviously, I think she’s going to be different from how she appears in the comics, so it’ll be interesting to see what they do.

Hopefully, she gets a name that would be nice.

Shang Chi’s First Appearance

In the list of Top 10 Shang Chi Facts, Shang Chi’s first appearance comes at the number 3. Shang Chi made his first appearance in special Marvel Edition Number 15 In 1973. There he was introduced as a master of Kung Fu and son of Fu Manchu.

As we said earlier this aspect of the character is being changed for the film, but a lot of the story seems to ring true to what we know roughly of this plot.

Namely, the Shang Chi wants out of the Empire he’s about to inherit.

In this version of his origin story, we learned that Shang Chi was a loyal and brilliant son, his intellect was sharp, and his fists were fast.

His father sent him on a mission to assassinate a longtime enemy who is about to die of old age. Unwilling to let his enemy pass peacefully Shang Chi was sent to London to kill him.

This was Shang Chi’s first time ever outside his home though, he had actually been raised in isolation basically for 19 years.

After venturing out and completing this task Shang Chi learns the truth about his father, and how evil he is. Having never known this, his whole life, he realizes it conflicts with everything that he has learned, in-regards to right and wrong as a scholar and as a student of philosophy.

Because of this, he decides to leave his father and give up his inheritance.

Fu Manchu accepts his son’s request but swears that all of his Ire will be directed towards assuring Shang Chi’s doom in the future.

Comic book collectors might find it interesting that when the film was first announced, this first appearance of Shang Chi in mint condition was estimated to be about 50 or $100 in price if you were trying to pick it up, and now it’s actually skyrocketed to between 1000 and 4000$ in price.

The power of MCU!! This is a valuable first appearance!!

Shang Chi: The Master of Kung Fu

In the list of Top 10 Shang Chi Facts, The Master of Kung Fu comes at number second. We’re not just talking about the series here, which obviously feature Shang Chi, but his capability as well.

Shang Chi is a Master Martial Artist, has displayed a Great Sense of Control and Power by Channeling his Chi, is adept at using Various Weapons, has the Ability to Sense People Spiritually, even when the person is hidden or Psycloaked, is Super Fast, Super Strong, and Super Durable. He shows great discipline when it comes to his body and how we can use it.

And his father in the comics has claimed before that he created Shang chi, to be the Perfect Weapon, and that He is!!

Not only that but he also has insane control when it comes to what he can endure. He has great control over his nervous system which allows him to ignore the pain in certain circumstances and allows him to become acclimated to extreme temperatures.

Shang Chi is not only insanely skilled and strong but also exhibits the very definition of mind over matter.

He must do some insane breathing exercises I’m just saying.

I love that he’s also like an athlete but he’s also very wise as well. Like, there are so many cool elements to Shang Chi.

The legend of Shang Chi and Shang Chi 2020

In the list of Top 10 Shang Chi Facts, these comics come in the number one position. If we’re talking about recent series for you to get into prior to the film’s release, for those new to Shang Chi and we’re wondering where to begin?

Why not start off with some of the most recent books.

We have a one-shot from 2021 and the 2020 limited series.

As I said earlier, the 2020 series introduces some of Shang Chi’s, newly retconned siblings who all seem pretty cool, to be honest.

What are some of your favorite Shang Chi moments from the comics, what are you hoping to see in the movie?

What other aspects of Shang Chi would you like to learn about more before the movie comes out?

Let us know in the comments below how was the list of Top 10 Shang Chi Facts. Thank you so much for reading this 🙂

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