10 Awesome Powers Of Moon Knight That Will Blow Your Mind

We’re counting down the top 10 Awesome Powers Of Moon Knight That Will Blow Your Mind! Moon Knight AKA The Marc Spector first debuted in 1975 in Werewolf by Night Issue 32.

In this post of GeekyNerd, We’re counting down the top 10 Awesome Powers Of Moon Knight That Will Blow Your Mind!

Moon Knight AKA The Marc Spector first debuted in Marvel’s panels in August of 1975 in Werewolf by Night Issue 32.

Often described as what would happen if Batman were to suffer multiple personality disorders, Moon Knight makes for one of the publisher’s most complex and fascinating individuals. Who has yet to bust out into the mainstream success that some of their other heroes have.

The Moon Knight Powers
Marvel Comics

Particularly ones who have appeared in the MCU. So with a reputation like that, some of you less familiar with the character might be wondering, what exactly can Moon Knight do?

Well, today, In this post of GeekyNerd, we’re counting down the top 10 Awesome Powers Of Moon Knight That Will Blow Your Mind!

10. Moon Based Powers

In Powers Of Moon Knight, the 10th number power is Moon-based power. Moon Knight, similar to Batman, is a rich dude with a whole lot of training and willpower. But unlike the Caped Crusader, when Moon Knight first hit the scene, he actually had superpowers.

The character has been susceptible to a lot of changes over the years thanks to new creative teams taking on his solo title. For example, in 1985 in a six-part mini-series, Moon Knight became known as the Fist of Khonshu.

Khonshu in Moon knight
Marvel Comics

Khonshu being the ancient Egyptian God of the moon and vengeance.

This increased his strength, speed, and endurance, but was based on the lunar cycle. This meant that the fuller the moon was, the stronger Moon Knight became.

Capable of lifting several hundred pounds. This is where things get a little messy though. He was last seen using these lunar powers while on the West Coast Avengers team, a team he left in 1989.

But it wasn’t until 2007 in the Midnight Sun story arc that it was confirmed he no longer has those powers, apparently, they were taken away from him as a punishment for his disobedience.

9. Resistant to Psychic Attacks

In Powers Of Moon Knight, the 9th number power is Resistant to Psychic Attacks. Marc Spector has proven to have immunity to psychic attacks over the years. This is largely owed to his multiple personalities, and he’s been known in the past to even receive prophetic visions.

In addition to that, in Moon Knight issue 12, Moon Knight finds himself going up against The Profile, who is an unethical profiler-for-hire who is believed to have mutant abilities that allow him to analyze and predict the actions of anyone he observes.

Scary right? But that didn’t bother Moon Knight.

The Profiler in Moon Knight
Marvel Comics

The Profile claimed that his abilities had no effect on Moon Knight, with him being physically painful for the antagonist to look at. His abilities don’t work on those with supernatural powers, yet Moon Knight at this time did not have powers.

Profiler believes that the only explanation for this is that Khonshu is actually real or that Marc was so insane that his belief in the Egyptian god is tantamount to magic and therefore disrupts Profiler’s abilities.

8. Mercenary Skills

In Powers Of Moon Knight, the 8th number power is Mercenary Skills. Before becoming a superhero, Marc Spector was a mercenary for hire, employed by the CIA. And prior to that, he was a heavyweight boxer before becoming a US Marine.

After his time in the military, he jumped over to mercenary work, with the CIA hiring him as a freelance resource.

After a botched mission in Egypt, he ends up being beaten to near-death by a peer named Raoul Bushman and left to die in the sub-zero temperatures of the Egyptian desert at night.

He’s found by Egyptians who worship the ancient gods, brought to Khonshu’s temple, and his heart stops altogether, he then sees a vision of Khonshu who offers him a second chance if he becomes the god’s avatar on Earth.

Spectre agrees, wakes up, goes after Bushman and becomes Moon Knight.

Because of his previous training, he has Olympic-level athlete skills and is an expert in fighting styles like karate, ninjutsu, savate, judo, Muay Thai, boxing, kung fu, and more.

He also knows how to pilot the hell out of an aircraft, too.

7. Werewolf Hunter

In Powers Of Moon Knight, the 7th number power is Warewolf Hunter. In Moon Knight’s very first Comic-Book appearance, he was brought in as a werewolf hunter and supernatural expert. And he was actually a villain, attempting to capture Werewolf by Night Jack Russell in a two-part story for the Committee.

Which is an LA-based secret criminal cabal of businessmen, who would later become an opponent of Moon Knight’s.

That’s because Spectre learns that the Committee is trying to use him as a weapon, so he helps Werewolf escape and fights alongside him. Weirdly enough, a handful of issues late in Werewolf at Night issue 37, Moon Knight returned but as a demonic apparition that fought against Werewolf.

6. Visibility

In Powers Of Moon Knight, the 6th number power is Visibility. So this isn’t REALLY a power, but it’s a technique that Spector imploys that helps him be more intimidating, and to throw his opponents off.

Unlike the DC vigilante, he’s constantly compared to, Marc actively wears a full white costume so that he CAN be seen. He wants to be seen.

Moon knight Visiblity
Marvel Comics

This was something that was addressed in Warren Ellis’ 2014 run on the character’s solo title, Moon Knight chooses to wear white because he doesn’t have any interest in using stealth techniques.

He wants to be seen, it’s his brand of fear.

5. 10 Different Personalities

In Powers Of Moon Knight, the 5th number power is 10 Different Personalities. Marc Spector has dissociative identity disorder, it’s one of his most defining traits in the comics.

Over the years though, some of the creative teams who have worked on Moon Knight have attempted to retcon his mental illness as being part of Khonshu’s personality.

Regardless, we’ve seen at least 10 different personalities emerge from Spector in the comics, which include the wealthy businessman Steven Grant.

Another is a cab driver named Jake Lockley who has an uncanny ability to gain street intel on criminals and their activities and even a personality is known as Mr. Knight. An official detective for the NYPD while he still operated as the vigilante Moon Knight.

Even more interestingly, during the 2011 Moon Knight series, Marc manifests personalities for that iteration of Avengers at the time, one for Wolverine, Captain America, Spider-Man, Iron Man, and Echo.

All of which gave him advice, and he ends up using variations of their signature weapons and moves.

So how is this a power?

Well, it’s more so shifting perspectives that have aided Spector in one way or another over the years with each of these personalities’ unique skill sets. It’s also been a coping mechanism.

Steven Grant was largely created in order to help Marc subconsciously deal with his very violent past.

4. Moon Knight’s Tech

In Powers Of Moon Knight, the 4th number power is his Tech. Moon Knight has had a whole lot of expensive and effective gear over the years. He uses some impressive tech that rivals what DC’s Batman has been known to bust out. He’s also rich, which helps.

He’s got an advanced truncheon that can split into two separate combat clubs (and can also be tethered together like nunchucks), and he has an adamantium grappling hook, crescent darts that are kind of like this hero’s version of bat-rings, and of course, his coolest piece of tech, The Mooncopter.

Moon knight Mooncopter
Marvel Comics

The Mooncopter is a sophisticated hovering aircraft that has vertical take-off and landing abilities, 20 mm cannons, stealth and combat equipment, and much more. Plus, he’s also got a remote controller crescent-shaped glider and a remote-controlled limousine.

He’s owned suits made out of Adamantium, and during the Dark Reign story event, he gets the Tinkerer to upgrade his gear, giving him a suit of armor that is made of Carbonadium.

It also has joint locking functions which allow him to support a whole lot of extra weight than what’s humanly possible.

Speaking of tech, that brings us to our next Super-human strength.

3. The Shadow Cabinet

In Powers Of Moon Knight, the 3rd number power is The Shadow Cabinet. The Shadow Cabinet is something that Marc Spector assembled as a network of informants and agents whose advice he often requires, it’s a sophisticated computer network.

And for the most part, many of those agents were unaware of who they were speaking to, having been recruited anonymously with a promise of financial payment, or with the use of blackmail, deception, trading favors, or just flat out due to the kindness of their hearts.

The Shadow Cabinet is a piece of tech that uses holo projection rings with one-way communicators that lets Marc see those he’s speaking to, but only lets them hear his voice on the other end.

Marc would first use The Shadow Cabinet in Marc Spector Moon Knight Issue 38 in 1992, When he attempted to track the movements of his serial killer brother Randall Spector.

2. Moon Knight’s Durability

In Powers Of Moon Knight, the 2nd number power is his Durability. Spectre has an almost superhuman tolerance for pain. He uses a very specific fighting style, which consists of him enduring any blows he takes in battle.

In the 2006 run on Moon Knight, we saw the title character go up against villain TaskMaster, who has the ability to mimic the fighting style of any individual.

Except he won’t mimic Moon Knight’s; that’s because Marc never blocks incoming attacks. As he puts it, it’s never about speed or slick moves or reflexes that make you the best fighter ever. It’s all about what you can take.

Now because of this, he’s got a crazy high pain tolerance, making him almost superhuman in durability. TaskMaster shot him in the shoulder with a crossbow, and it barely affected Marc.

But when you consider another skill of his that’s in at our next number, taking this many hits is no biggie. That brings us to our number one spot- 1 in Top 10 Powers of Moon Knight.

1. Resurrection

So the Resurrection comes as the topmost power of moon knight in the list of top 10 powers of Moon Knight.

Moon Knight has died and then has been resurrected on several occasions, including in his origin story. As we mentioned, his heart stopped, and that’s when he encountered Khonshu for the first time after he was essentially killed by Raoul Bushman.

Then, in Marc Spector Moon Knight Issue 28, he was literally stabbed in the back, and his soul drifted out of his body. Khonshu revived him. And it kept happening thanks to the Egyptian Moon God.

Marc, in that same series, would receive another fatal injury, this time thanks to an explosion caused by Marc quarantining himself with a computer virus.

So in other words, he can handle being dealt fatal blows since he’s got a get-out-of-death card in the form of Khonshu saving his butt over time.

There we have it 10 Awesome Powers Of Moon Knight, friends! Do you want to know more about Moon Knight? Then, please allow the notification so that you won’t miss our updates.

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